29 September 2020

Top 5 Travel Destinations In India For Summer Holidays (after Quarantine)

Top 5 Travel Destinations in India for Summer Holidays (After Quarantine)


All travel plans have been put on hold due to the result of the COVID-19 crisis, and a lot of countries have been hit incredibly hard financially as a result of the lost tourism.

We know that currently India has faced Around 35,365 confirmed cases found of COVID-19 but 9065 people have recovered. But After the Quarantine or end of this coronavirus crisis there are most beautiful destination for travel in India. So we found the top 5 travel destination of India where currently the minimum number of cases of coronavirus has found all over the world. All these destinations are perfect for summer holidays where you can go after quarantine.


1. Goa

watersports in Goa

Goa has found just 7 confirmed cases found of COVID-19 and all 7 out of 7 people have recovered. That means Goa is safe now.

Goa is that place where we have limitless chances to do fun and entertainment and this place would attraction for each adventure lover. Therefore Goa is also known as the land of beaches. This is the reason by which tourists from all over the world find it as a great spot for spoiling in many breathtaking activities in water as well as on land.

Things to do in Goa:

Indulge in Water Sports, Go for Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Jetlev Flyer in Chapora River, Hot Air Balloon Goa, Adventurous Trek to Todo Waterfall Rafting at Valpoi River in Goa, Sailing and Snorkeling at Grand Island in Goa Etc.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Goa


a) Water Sports beaches

Water Sports in Goa have always seen for excited tourists and adventure explorers. The beach capital of India enjoys calmer waves and even sea levels. While water sports can be enjoyed at any beaches of the Goa in the north or the south, they are most popular and draw huge crowds at Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Benaulim, and nearby beaches.

You can choose water sports activities such as kite surfing, kneeboarding, snorkeling, paragliding & parasailing, diving, kayaking, and many more. Alternatively, you can also engage in your chosen activities through a variety of licensed water sports package operators like Aqua Sports Goa, Atlantis Water Sports, etc.

b) Calangute Beach

Calangute is the biggest beach in north Goa extending from Candolim to Baga. Due to its large size and popularity, it is a hub for tourists and backpackers from all over the world. It is the perfect place to look for accommodation as it keeps you connected to the other beaches in the north.

c) Cruise in Goa

Goa cruise offers to explore the exotic scenery, pristine waters, and marvel the wonderful view of the sunset. Bounded by several rivers, Goa makes for an exciting and miscellaneous cruising destination. There are different kinds of cruises in Goa, and every one of them offers a novel experience.

Some of the cruises additionally offer dinner choices together with fun and entertainment activities area unit carried through the day relying upon the daytime, sunset, and moonlight. Cruise in Goa range from simple evening cruises, elaborate and romantic dinner cruises, backwater cruises, and at the end casino cruises.


2. Shimla

River Rafting in Shimla

Shimla is capital of Himachal Pradesh, has found just 40 confirmed cases found of COVID-19 and Out Of Them 26 people have recovered. That means Shimla is approximately safe now.

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh which leaves no reason to not visit this place. Shimla also referred to as the “Queen of the hills”. This Place Adorned by the large peaks of the snow-capped mountains, the forested hillsides of Shimla make this place one in all the famous hill resorts in India. It has snow-clad hills, lush greenery, and pleasant climate have attracted tourists for years. Not just the city is gorgeous for the people to click, but except for there are some famous places to go to in Shimla in summer which is able to definitely be your peaceful retreat.

Things to do in Shimla:

River Rafting, Cycling, Camping, Summer Hill, Chadwick Waterfall, Jakhu Temple, Toy Train Ride, Shopping At Lakkar Bazar, Golfing At Naldhera, Water Catchment Sanctuary, Etc.

Top 3 Places To visit in Shimla

a) Chadwick Falls :

The Chadwick falls adds barely of nature’s beauty to the town of Shimla. Not too far away from the city, but its dense surroundings provide a very hypnotic vibe. Falling from a height of 100 meters, this place may be a peaceful retreat surrounded by serenity. Chadwick Falls in Shimla has proved to be a perfect spot for peace seekers and photography enthusiasts. Located at a height of about 1500 meters, it's surrounded by lush deodar and pine trees. The carbonated water gives an interesting treat to the eyes.

b) Kufri:

Kufri is one of the oldest skiing slopes in Himachal Pradesh and an exciting spot for skating. It’s one of the reputed venues for the annual winter sports festival that takes place around February. The festival organized may be a major attraction. While you're planning your vacation to Shimla, don't forget to catch the glimpse of those above-mentioned spots.

People who are visiting Shimla to witness snow at now of the year can probably get a glimpse at Kufri. Shimla is also the favorite destination for honeymooners. But the landscape views surrounding the region and a few ancient temples add a thrill to the visit.

C) Annandale:

One of the famous and best places to go to in Shimla in summer is Annandale which is famous for its lush green surroundings and course which is enclosed by beautiful views. This place attracts people with its marvelous playground, a cactus garden, and an Indian Army museum which are a number of the key sightseeing around this small town. For the locals, this place is kind of a famous picnic spot. Folks that want to require an opening from the hustle-bustle of town, this place may be a perfect come back to spend some days.


3. Manali

manali travel skiing

Manali is a resort town nestled in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is one in each of the foremost standard hill stations in the country. With jaw-dropping views, lush inexperienced forests, gushing blue streams, sprawling meadows carpeted with flowers, a perpetual fairy-tale like mist lingering at intervals the air, and freshness. Manali has been blessed unexpected lovely beauty. From museums to temples, from quaint very little crusader villages to active streets, stream adventures to trekking trails, Manali has each reason to be the traveler attracts.

Clean roads, swaying eucalyptus trees, eateries, cheap native market places, and cafes that serve delicious native food at unbelievable costs, previous Manali is also a serene, tranquil place, whose silence is broken entirely by the twittering of the birds and then the sound of the roaring waters of the Kullu stream.


Things to do in Manali:

Paragliding, River Rafting, Skiing, Trekking, Rahala Waterfall, Zorbing, Camping in Solang Valley, Get blessing at Manikaran Gurudwara,  visit to Gulaba Village etc.

a) Solang Valley

A mini valley located at about 8400 feet above water level, Solang Nala could be a short drive off from Manali. it's a haven for adventure and sports lovers and while here, you'll be able to try your skills on a pair of skis or choose a snowmobile exploration. When the weather warms up, people flock here for paragliding and zorbing. you'll be able to also hop onto a car and revel in mesmerizing views of the Himalayas.

b) Jogini Waterfalls

The rushing cascades of Jogini Falls are a brief and refreshing trek faraway from the most town of Manali. The trail that ends up in the waterfall is scenic and provides you a glimpse of the River Beas and also the snow-capped peaks of Rohtang. A side from the serene setting, Jogini is additionally a very important place of pilgrimage and you'll visit many elderly shrines round the pool at the underside. An early start is usually recommended in order that you'll spend longer at this picturesque natural spot, which is one in every of the highest trekking also as picnic places in Manali.

c) Bhrigu Lake

Take a flash and consider postcard-perfect alpine meadows and evergreen tree forests close to a serene high-altitude water body. Well, you've got just pictured Bhrigu Lake, one in every of the simplest trekking destinations around Manali. a touch of acclimatization is required if you're going for the trek because the lake is found quite 4000 meters higher than water level. The scenery and bird's-eye views of the Pir Panjal vary are what attracts most guests to the present place.



4. Ladakh

ladakh biking

Ladakh has found just 22 confirmed cases found of COVID-19 and Out Of Them 16 people have recovered. That means Ladakh is approximately safe now.

Ladakh is the biggest province in Jammu & Kashmir, surrounded by the Karakoram mountains within the north and by the Himalayas of the south.  Ladakh prepares itself to become the tourism hotspot for the following three months of July, August, and September. The summer season in Ladakh is expected by the travelers from far and wide as this part of the year gives tourists of every kind to enjoy a land as unique as Ladakh.

During The Month Of July and August, the weather in Ladakh remains pleasant move between 20℃ to 35℃. The sky additionally remains clear, which contributes vastly to creating the scenic vistas of Ladakh even a lot of beautiful.


Top 3 Place to go to In Ladakh:

a) Nubra valley

Nubra valley is A tri-armed valley within the north-east district of Ladakh, This is the most beautiful place to visit on a summer trip to Ladakh. This can be your favorite experience from your trip to Ladakh. The drive to Nubra Valley via Khardungla, which is that the highest motorable road within the world was all about beautiful landscapes of Ladakh and adventure. You love equally of it and it made us say a visit to Ladakh in summer is lit.

b) Pangong Lake:

Pangong Lake, also called Pangong Tso, lies calmly at a panoramic elevation of 14,270 feet. This lake is 12 km long and marks itself between the laps of India and China. 

This picturesque landscape location enhances its beauty with the arrival of migrating birds per annum and attracts many travelers in search of adventure, photographs, bird-watching, and chilling experience. Pangong has another unique and catchy feature; when it acts sort of a chameleon and changes its color from blue to green to even grey now and then. The brackish water of Pangong attracts the migratory birds per annum during winters in Ladakh.

 c) Rafting & Kayaking in Indus

The good time for this activity is between June and August. There are numerous rafting and kayaking tours conducted on the Indus. While on a rafting expedition in Ladakh, you'll also witness and luxuriate in the stunning views along the riverbanks. Well, if you're within the mood of utmost fun and adventure, you'll favor cruising through rapids called Alchi and Khalsa.


5. Meghalaya:

Meghalaya travel

Meghalaya has found just 8 confirmed cases found of COVID-19. That means Meghalaya is approximately safe now.

Meghalaya One of the most gorgeous states in India, Meghalaya will amaze you in number of unimaginable ways. From its sheer natural beauty within the variety of countless waterfalls, calm lakes and pristine rivers to humble people and their matrilineal culture, Meghalaya lures you into a distinct world altogether. A world where man doesn't use nature for profits but lives consonant with it, be it using living roots of trees to make natural bridges or protecting the rare flora in sacred forests or inhabiting wettest place on earth. If any of this sounds interesting, Meghalaya in north Malay Archipelago is that the place for you to be. The Meghalaya has some of the best places to visit in Meghalaya primarily in Khasi hills of the state along with recommendations of places to stay.

Things to do in Meghalaya:

Living Root Bridges, Camping Around Umiam Lake, Water Sports At Umiam Lake, Play Golf At Gleneagles, Trekking At Laitlum Canyon, Shop At Bara Bazaar Shillong, Elephant Falls, And Visit The Dawki River etc.

a) Double Decker Living Root Bridge

The Double Decker Living Root Bridge, within the heart of the rainiest place in India, Cherapunjee, Meghalaya is thought worldwide together of the foremost unique naturally formed structures, that stands strongly since its inception and is frequented by travelers from round the world. But like it's said, all goodies come after a tumultous journey, the trek to the bridge located in Nongriat Village, Cherapunjee isn't for the faint hearted. After concerning 2000 slippery steps down the bryophyte lined stairs, wherever even athletes should carry a cane to avoid  injury, the bridge comes into one's line of sight Nevertheless, this makes it one among the places to go to in Meghalaya which you cannot afford to miss.

b) Elephant Falls

The Elephant Falls are a curious feature of Shillong, since the waterfall itself is from three very lucid steps. the primary one, hidden among the  trees, the second, tamed and controlled flowing from a specific height, and third one is that the fastest and largest culminating into the stream below.

Unfortunately, the structure of the black rocks resembling associate elephant was destroyed throughout associate earthquake in Meghalaya, however the falls square measure equally majestic still, with the lucid distinction of the frothy falls against the dark rocks. The evening read of Elephant falls in Meghalaya is that the one that wins hearts over, combined with the softly weakening light-weight and additionally the high distinction falls, the gang is value effort for the sheer gold glow of the water. . The sheer natural beauty and serenity of those falls makes it one in every of the places to go to in Meghalaya.

C) Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave Meghalaya features a little bit of a reputation among travelers. The place is eerily dark and has cramped and narrow paths entwined with one another, and to feature some more thrill into the thought of a cave soot black in broad daylight, there's only 1 entry and exit point. strangely enough, it would sound overwhelming take your shoes off while entering the cave, but it's one advice you'll be able to follow with closed eyes. Or value more highly to carry and alter of garments and footwear. the wonderful stalagmite and stalactite formations, together with the joys of adventure is what gives the Mawsmai an enormous thumbs up.


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